Mark Peterson (IDEA Software)
User-Experience Consultant
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Hire me to help you design  A Great User-Experience!Designing software for more than 18 years!

Past Clients

What is user-experience?

ISO 9241-210[1] defines user-experience as "a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". So, user-experience is subjective and focuses on the use. In today's competitive environment, new companies are continuing to bring about bigger and brighter ideas each day with new ways of doing old things better. 

An evolution of visual design

I've been fortunate to have the experience of designing software since even before the dotcoms.  IDEA Software is the name of my consulting company I've been using since the 90's. The experience of living through many various design transitions from Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Web 2.0, Section 508/ADA Compliant UI's, Desktop UI's for both Mac and Windows, Fluid UI's, Multi-Screen UI's, Kiosks, Tablets, Responsive Web, Rapid Design, Flat Design and Material Design were all interesting phases to participate in and providing designs with any given current design trend for past client projects. 

I can provide diagrams (flow-charts, process flows, user-flows, screen flows, user-stories, storyboards, personas, risk assessments, gap analysis, web analytics reporting, technical schematics, network topology and infrastructure diagrams, and system interaction flow diagrams).  I also typically produce wireframes, low and high-fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes for mobile and desktops for all industries.

I also have experience working in Software Development, Computer Networking and Infrastructure and working within a wide array of industries so I can easily communicate with most any IT business employee and get up to speed quickly to the language of the company, its branding, its competitive space and its product offerings as it relates to creating a complete software design solution. 

Samples of recent projects