Below are a list of some of my past clients. Click to view case study details on some projects.


Research, plan, design and create new product solutions for AT&T (MyAT&T, MyAT&T Order Management, Device Diagnostics, AT&T Homepage Redesign) apps to be used by all AT&T customers.

US Navy

Create new website assisting military personnel transfer military skills and training into civilian credentials.  The original website was text-oriented with a difficult-to-understand process.


Deliverables for Microsoft Vendor Portal involved creating complete wireframes of the entire app along with a high-fidelity interactive prototype to be tested with the User-Research team.


Hewlett-Packard Network Operations Center web-application for GIS-mapping for both large screen display and desktop for real-time trouble-reporting and ticketing with Asset Management.


GDMS needed assistance with internal websites, portals and legacy windows apps.  Create wireframes, style guides, responsive website prototypes, native iOS & Android high-fidelity prototypes.



PepsiCo needed a new Project Manager Team portal, updates to a employee training portal and various other internal sites.  Frito-Lay required a software planogram application.  


Concept and Prototype a counter-cyber espionage collaboration web-portal and plug-in for quick collaborative, cyber-threat intelligence analysis and cloud-cumulative research and reporting. 


Design several concept UI’s for cloud-based disaster recovery (backup) SaaS application for network operation centers, enterprise, stand-alone servers, cloud servers and PC desktops.