All images and projects located within each case study are details of projects I've personally completed.  In most all cases I was the only individual completing 100% of the design and architecture for the project from ideation to pre-production deliverables unless otherwise noted in the case study. 

Each case study page contains an overview of the company itself, project details and the inside story of the project - behind the scenes.  Also included are images of high-fidelity and low-fidelity wireframes, mockups, diagrams, personas, analysis, photos and prototypes of mobile (iPhone, Android and Windows), software apps, websites, web-applications, portals, video-wall screens displays and kiosks.  

Note as of 02-02-2018: "I am now quickly rebuilding this website and moving away from a large central gallery of images towards a case-study model to explain more processes during past projects rather than the old style of just writing a short synopsis of a project in a "show, don't tell" motif with a few wireframes and mockups of each project.  I have also removed some of my older prototypes and images to be replaced by a more a modern presentation design style format. Not all case studies are completely redone yet."            Mark
  • Raytheon

    Project: Concepts and prototypes for SaaS ("Software as a Service") web-portal for Security Operations Center analysts, Raytheon partners and Government agencies. Designed concepts for customizable collaboration and cognitive-assistance / machine-learning for cyber-security threats 

  • RMS - Risk Management Systems

    Project: UI Consultant for RMS to concept new designs and mockups for a web-based SaaS model upgrade of an existing Windows 32-bit GUI Desktop app. The app was a (GIS) Geo-spatial Information System for insurance companies to model risk exposure to catastrophic incidents.

    Microsoft Vendor Sales Portal

    Project: Concepts and prototypes for a Microsoft Vendor Sales Portal (Volume Licensing) to allow vendors to have access to their account, contract information, applications and volume licensing information.

  • Sonatype

    Project: Original concepts for a SaaS web-app platform. Create low, medium and high-fidelity wireframes, mockups and prototypes for web-app platform, reporting dashboard and plug-in for Java developers to analyze software builds (Bill of Materials) for licensing, security and stability issues.

    US Navy & Dept. of Labor (

    Project: Create new website design to assist military personnel transfer advanced military skills and training into civilian credentials. Improved user-experience by conceptualizing how to convert a large amount of text into a guided process experience.

  • Raytheon (2011)

    Project: Provide UI guidance, consultation and multiple concepts for a multi-screen canvas to monitor real-time, large-scale distributed virtual server  environment for satellite / signal intel image processing with library of design patterns and widgets to be placed on any of the screens.

  • HP Data Centers

    Project: Hewlett-Packard Network Operations Center web-application for GIS-mapping for both large screen display and desktop for real-time trouble-reporting and ticketing with Asset Management and GIS maps to location for field technicians to find the hardware in any HP/EDS  data center campus.

  • SugarHouse Casino

    Project: SugarHouse Casino wanted a unique kiosk presentation for its grand opening.  The kiosk would be a special wayfinder user-interface that modeled the actual interior of the casino and the slot machines.  Users would be able to find amenities, facilities, and specific gaming tables.


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