Case Studies

Experiencing Global Trends: Experience can help us learn the differences between short-lived design fads and longer-lived global trends which can help create a well-accepted design.  

Software technology is always on the path of constant and almost daily changes.  Understanding, accepting and embracing this while balancing the needs of the audience with the expectations of its management team  are the first steps towards creating a better user-experience and an improved software design.

     Hire me to help you design  A Great User-Experience!      Designing software with experience! :)

Included in each case study profile are detailed descriptions of projects, images of high-fidelity and low-fidelity wireframes, diagrams, and prototypes for web (websites, web-apps and portals with dashboards), mobiles (iPhone, Android and Windows) and kiosks since 1999.

Note as of 02-02-2018:  I am trying to quickly rebuild this website and move away from a central gallery of images towards a case-study model / motif to explain my processes during past projects rather than the old style of just writing a short synopsis of a project in a "show, don't tell" motif with a few wireframes and mockups of each project.  So please bare with me as I have removed most of my prototypes and images.  It's a slow work-in-progress; process as some links are not re-enabled yet.

General Dynamics (2017)


Project: Create responsive enterprise web-portals and native mobile apps for GDMS field service reps, enterprise departments and facilities management..

Raytheon (2016)

Raytheon Logo


Project: Concepts and Create prototypes for SaaS ("Software as a Service") web-portal for Raytheon partners and Government agencies.  Design concepts for new reporting dashboard and portal with web plug-in for real-time cyber-threat analysis and cloud-cumulative threat assessments to share information between analysts of historical incidents on record.

PepsiCo (2015)


Project: Create responsive-web enabled portals and web apps for field service reps, enterprise project management organization and employee learning portals for Pepsico / Frito-Lay.

AT&T (2014)


Project: Design, plan and architect new product solutions (MyATT Order Management, Device Diagnostics, AT&T Consumer Homepage redesign)

Online Media Gaming (2013)


Project: Design interactive games for Android, iOS for corporate loyalty rewards. 

RMS (2013)


Project: Consultant for RMS to concept new UI/UX designs and mockups for a web-based SaaS model upgrade of an existing Windows 32-bit GUI / Desktop app. The Risk Management application was a (GIS) Geo-spatial Information System for insurance companies to analyze risk exposure to catastrophic incidents.

Microsoft (2012-2013)

Microsoft Logo


Project: Concepts and prototypes for Microsoft Vendor "SaaS" Portal to allow vendors to have access to their account, contract information, applications and volume licensing information.

Sonatype (2012)

Sonatype Logo


Project: Concept for Nexus SaaS web-app platform. Create wireframes and high-fidelity mockups and prototypes for web-portal, reporting dashboard and plug-in for Java developers to analyze their software builds.

US Navy (2012)

USN Logo


Project: Create new website design to assist military personnel transfer military skills & training into civilian credentials.  Improved user-experience by conceptualizing a large amount of text into a guided workflow experience.

Dell (2011-2012)


Project: Create new web-application concepts to replace legacy SaaS application of a data-center backup / disaster recovery system.

Raytheon (2011)

Raytheon Logo




Project: UI Concepts for a multi-screen canvas to monitor real-time, very large-scale distributed virtual server clustered environment for satellite image processing.

Expedia (2010)


Project: Lead the redesign effort of - its first major redesign of its flight and hotel search engines since its inception when Microsoft had owned it since 1996. 

HP (2010)


Project: Hewlett-Packard Network Operations Center web-application for GIS-mapping for both large screen display and desktop for real-time trouble-reporting and ticketing with Asset Management.

Sugarhouse Casino (2010)


Project: SugarHouse Casino wanted a unique kiosk presentation for its grand opening.  The kiosk would be a special wayfinder user-interface that modeled the actual interior of the casino and the slot machines.  Users would be able to find amenities, facilities, and specific gaming tables according to their preference.  

Problem: Getting the correct models of the architecture required help from the actual architectural firm, once that was provided we imprinted the 3D models in place of where the casino floor manager positioned the gaming tables.  I quickly learned Sketchup and 3DStudio Max to create the models I wanted to put into the user-interface.  Walls and tables were modeled with photos supplied by the casino itself.

Syncada / Visa (2009-2010)


Project: Create a new Section 508 (Accessibility) compliant B2B web-application for supply-chain financing for Government and major distribution centers with payment options for Large-CAP clients and transportation providers.

MSN MONEY (2008-2009)


Project: Evaluate current MSN Money portal for correcting its improper and broken taxonomy with missing and erroneous navigational schemas which was preventing users from properly navigating through the site.

Salvation Army (2007-2008)


Project: Create new web designs for website. Design wire-frames, prototypes, sitemaps, personas, screen flows, layouts and design concepts.

TXU (2006-2007)


Project: Manage WebTrends Enterprise Analytics Reporting Servers and Reports.  Create different diagrams from logical network topology diagrams, system diagrams and HTML and PHP front-end coding.